Wake Me at the End of the Line E​.​P.

by Three Unassisted

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In baseball, a play scored 3-UA is one in which the first baseman fields the ball and takes the play himself. While this one player receives the credit for making the “unassisted” out, there is a whole lot more that goes into making such a play possible. The pitcher needs to force the batter to hit a ground ball, and the right-fielder must provide backup to ensure the ball does not get past the first-baseman. The second-baseman should move over to cover first base, and even the shortstop needs to think one step ahead and cover second base in the event that there is a passed ball and the runner advances. The teamwork that is so palpable on the baseball field is symbolic of the collaboration that so many of us seek in our pursuits, our pastimes, and our personal lives. This teamwork is what has made Milwaukee’s own groove rock band possible in the first place, and it is the message that the music of Three Unassisted has been bringing to fans for years.

Brothers Will and Mike Richter have a reputation for making the Lake County music scene a bit louder, for lack of a better word. Since 2004, the Richters have taken the stage with bands such as The Allies, Ceasefire, Ink Silk Aliquots, OUTDrejas, and their most reputable project to date, Forty Cents Flat. But in the spring of 2014, they began looking for yet another musical outlet.

Singer/songwriter Will Richter has always struggled with the fine art of conforming to a genre. His resume consists mostly of stints with punk rock and ska acts, but a combination of his affinity for blues riffs, a dusty, neglected acoustic guitar, and one of the most defining time periods of his life inspired Will to begin writing more redemptive, intuitive, lyrically-driven songs. His passion for baseball and the origins of his name (William Richter III, after his father and paternal grandfather) pushed him to begin writing solo songs under the moniker “Three Unassisted,” and it stuck as the band’s first EP neared completion. Each song on “Wake Me at the End of the Line” was written over the course of at least one month, and the lyrics were a result of the experiences that both brothers had faced in Milwaukee, Chicago, Homewood, Antioch, Lake Geneva, and every road and train stop in between. He presented these songs to Mike, and a brand new project was born.

Mike Richter’s abilities can hardly be overstated. Since the inception of his first project, Ceasefire, he has seamlessly transitioned into various roles as both a musician and producer. Mike has spent the last four years developing into a renaissance man of the local music scene, playing bass, providing lead vocals, and asserting his role as a rhythmically-intact drummer. He produced Forty Cents Flat’s debut album on a shoestring budget and with limited resources, so when the time came to record these brand new songs, he naturally confronted the challenge. The result was a series of songs, chords, and harmonies designed to provide an effective soundtrack for the brothers’ road trips and weekends away from home.

Long-Time percussionist Mark Gesior was added to the 3-UA line up in June of 2015 to begin the transition from a strictly studio endeavor to a high-energy and vibrant live show. After playing the kit for less than a year, Gesior began to breathe new life into these songs while playing an integral role in the instigation of jam breakdowns and crescendo-ed intros. Mark’s enthusiasm and focus behind the kit continues to provide the strong backbone that Three Unassisted’s unbridled writing style demands.

Tom Moscinski’s impeccable fluidity behind the keys made him an obvious choice when the trio began seeking ways to round out their sound. Tom had spent years lending his efforts to Chicago-area jam band, Zaramela, but his new life in Milwaukee brought with it a new set of challenges that pushed him to amicably part ways from the band. Tom was quickly added to the Three Unassisted roster to further push their melody to a shimmering new level. He brings a veteran’s knowledge to the songwriting process while continually pushing the bounds of groove with his mastery of the piano and trumpet.

The addition of Kenny Jones came in the summer of 2016, shortly after the valedictorian multi-instrumentalist graduated from VanderCook University in Chicago, IL and returned to the northern suburbs. His experience with Forty Cents Flat helped him to quickly adapt to working with the Richters, and his dulcet saxophone helped to enhance the sound of Three Unassisted. Kenny’s extensive knowledge of music theory makes him a master of a wide variety of instruments, and his dexterity on the guitar helps to further prove his value as a member. “K-Bone” Jones has dramatically transformed the sound of the band, and his knowledge and ability will continue to make him an essential part of an ever-growing project.

The songs from this side project were written to reflect the intrapersonal communication that both Will and Mike had been feeling since the release of their first collaborative album, Forty Cents Flat’s “On The Ride Home.” From the angsty, Funky Bunch-meets-Beastie Boys rap rhythms in “Paying with Pennies” to the infectious, compensatory lyrics in “Long Time Coming,” Three Unassisted hopes to provide a sound as versatile, energetic, and motivating as their name delineates. The fire within is provided not by the Butane, but by living for and doing what one loves. Yet the songs suggest that even when we think we are “unassisted,” we can so often credit those closest to us with the successes we gain. “Wake Me at the End of the Line” is an EP that shows the Richters are finally doing just that. This time around, they have the support of a full team, and they could not be happier about it.

Keep your ears peeled for their upcoming album, Supercell, which will hit stores this fall.


released January 13, 2014

Recording Staff

Will Richter:
Lead, Rhythm, and Acoustic Guitar
Lead and Backup Vocals

Michael Richter:
Bass Guitar
Lead and Backup Vocals

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Michael Richter

Three Unassisted is:
Will Richter: Guitar and Vocals
Michael Richter: Bass and Vocals
Tom Moscinski: Piano and Trumpet
Mark Gesior: Drums
Kenny Jones: Saxophone and Rhythm Guitars



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Three Unassisted Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Three Unassisted is the alternative project of brothers Will and Michael Richter (guitar and bass respectively), Mark Gesior (drums), Will Frillman(keyboards/trumpet, and Kenny Jones (saxophone/rhythm guitar). Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, the band seeks to provide an unparalleled approach to groove rock. Check out their debut album, Supercell, available now! ... more

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Track Name: Spill
Can't say I find arrogance appealing
But she wore it like a dress
That I spilled my burning guts upon
And refused to clean the mess
Oh, I owe no explanation,
That's not why I wrote this song
You're no preacher, girl but I'm
Sweating each confession like I know that I've done wrong

So tell me all about forgiveness and
Who you placed under your spell
Tell me how to get to heaven and
I'll do what I can to avoid hell
Let me waste some time with Jackie
I won't introduce you to Jill
You see these games we play allow no heart or skill
And I've got guts to spill

Can't say I heard your wicked dealings Or I chose to drown them out
Was it some feeling cold that had you sold
When all I wanted was some way out?
Oh you always had it coming,
Just felt the needle in my touch
The flame Burnt out the same,
So who's to blame?
I'll find another who cares to hold my crutch
Track Name: Long Time Coming
It’s been a Long Time Coming,
SInce I thought you were the best
Since I caught a glimpse through stage lights of your eggshell dress
I tiptoed my way around it when it fell upon the floor and
Took my mind right off it when you wore it out my door

Oh, sometimes, I find it hard to let things go

I’ve written moon-June rhymes about something deep inside
About the state of the union, crushed and bruised and swallowing pride
Poured some minor chords to chase the taste of whiskey’s strong defeat
Turned it up to drown the awful sound and played it on repeat

And now, it’s clear I’m hoping you will see

Someone thinks it’s worth the wait
And she has something to believe
Someone else has tried 3,000 times
To stay rather than leave
It’s not fear that drives these stormy eyes
To places far from you It’s the off-chance someone close will enjoy the view It’s been a Long Time Coming
But the going’s alright, too

It’s been a Long Time Coming
No more weight upon my chest
No more holding back and cutting slack just to pass a test
With you I shot at clocks as if I had the time to kill
Now I’m up at 5, half-alive and begging for a thrill
No longer broken,
I’m starting to see
Track Name: Paying With Pennies
What's your motivation?
I've been making observations
Finding where I'm supposed to be
Avoiding all I find complacent
We've been paying in pennies
No longer wishing on stars
But confiding and relying on
More roads and train cars

This ain't our first rodeo, man I doubt that it's our last
Hoping I can take the last mistake and put it in the past
Before the fast lane comes,
I'll get it right off my chest
It's a message in a bullet that I'm planting in your vest

So hold me back or step aside
I'm not talking bout the finish line but
The journey the road up the skylines the Cities the ride
And the people that I'm passing are

On cloud 9, but for all the Wrong Reasons
Writing songs to neon lights that will burn out before the seasons
Change, I'm hoping that the words remain true because I'm spitting out philosophies I've felt since 22

So hold me back or step aside
This time I couldn't tell you where I'm going, I'm just living for the ride
All intentions aside, I don't see eye to eye with the reasons some waste seasons simply living a lie
But I'm not looking back this time
Take me to the end of the line

Mmm, I look out, feel the city wash right over me
Let my mind wander all around the empty streets
I see the fire way off in a distant land
Its hard to burn with wet matches and a stubborn hand
But day in and out I keep the letters flowing
The stack of papers on my desk is ever growing
More minutes every day are married to the 6 strings
And on the hour, the voices in my head sing
But that ain’t why I choose to spill my guts on 5 lines
Its probably cuz my heart can only beat in cut time
If you’ve got love and words then that is well enough to live and
Anymore and I would say you got some things that you could give
I like the books, stories, people and I cant complain
4 years ain’t that long to play the real game
Ill keep burying my verses for that rainy day
Cuz deep down, I know that it’s the only way
Track Name: Butane
It's a quarter-past some morning's three
There's broken glass on Highway C
Symbolic as the metaphor he wrote

Not a crash the way you'd think it works
No bright white light and nothing hurts
He'll hang upon the staff just like a note
And find a reason to keep this sinking ship afloat

So sing your hopeful hymns or wish on stars
The wheels of my car don't drive on hope alone
Maybe you can see the miles on skin like scars
No time for rest, it's not that far to
Burn out like the sun
Right now we fail to thank the Butane, will we curse it when it's gone?

Like cigarette smoke, the rest has left
until tension came and slowly crept,
We've been freezing what we meant to make of youth

When clock's ones line up, she'll wish for you.
She told me, so it won't come true, my ever-changing, insatiating truth

I can still see you, Jack
Seeking thrills
Sift through the powders and the pills
Can't afford for you to close a single door

I've killed off the brain child twice before, just praying that I don't reach four before I find exactly what I'm looking for.

Another stage to find beats singing from this floor...

It's been a Long Time Coming,
Take Me to the End of the Line...